Official Rules
Tier 1 – Initial Submission – FREE
1.Original Music Only.  This is about the songwriter, not a cover artist.
2.To submit all entrants must provide a bio, an .mp3 and/or Youtube link to your music.  No tryouts.
3.Submission is not acceptance to the competition.  Lone Willow Music LLC reserves to right to screen all submissions for entrance to the competition.
4.Entrants must be willing to perform in Independence, Mo on an assigned night, with the opportunity for multiple performances culminating on Labor Day Weekend 2014.
5.This is a competition.  Not everyone will be accepted; only one person/group will win.
6.There is no monetary compensation for performance.  However, we provide valuable artist development services (see the Artist Benefit Package for details.)
Tier 2 – Entrance to the Competition - $30
1.If selected, entrance to the competition is a one-time $30 fee.
2.Lone Willow Music L.L.C. will provide the venue, stage, production, and judges.  The entrant is highly encouraged to promote their event, as crowd noise is a factor in judging.
3.Acoustic performance.  Only Electric Bass permitted. (Amp not provided) No Electric Guitars, No Tablets, No Synths or Keys.  No Drum Kits.  Only Cajon, Djembe, and hand percussion allowed.  Any attempt to break this rule, will be immediately dismissed prior to performance.  No exceptions. Non-Negotiable.
4.4 Person Maximum.  No exceptions.
5.This is a Head-to-Head competition.  4 Artist/Groups per night.  Each Artist/Group will be in direct competition with another group in the first round to advance to the nightly finals. One Winner per night.  Artist/Groups should come prepared to play 5-6 original songs.
6.Winners are determined by: Independent Judges, Overall Musicianship, Performance, Crowd Noise, and Songwriting.
7.Preliminary Round Winners advance to the Monthly Showcase/quarterfinal (also in Independence, Mo.)  Winners of the Monthly/Quarterfinal will earn a spot in the Top 12 Tourney during Labor Day Weekend 2014.
8.Lone Willow Music L.L.C. reserves the right to choose “wild cards” to advance to the monthly showcase/quarterfinal and/or the Top 12 Tourney at our discretion. 
9.Artist benefit package is provided.
10.Artists are welcomed to sell merchandise (cd’s, shirts, etc.)
Tier 3 – Monthly Showcase/Quarterfinals
1.The Top 4 Artists from the month's Preliminary Rounds compete in the same head-to-head format.
2.Winners are determined by: Judges, Overall Musicianship, Crowd Noise, and Songwriting.
3.Winners gain entrance to the Top 12 Semi-Finals during a large festival in Independence, Mo with foot traffic of roughly 200,000.
4. An additional Artist Benefit Package is provided at no additional cost, you’ve earned it!

Tier 4 – The Semi-Finals/Final Round
1.The Top 12 artist/groups will compete in a head-to-head tournament of original music and performance during a large festival on Labor Day Weekend, in Independence, Mo.
2.This event will be broadcast live through multiple mediums. (Radio, streaming, podcast, etc.)
3.The Top 3 will compete for a set on the Main Stage, with the winner being named the “Three Trails Songwriter of the Year”
4. Yet another Artist Benefit Package is provided.

*Additional Benefits may be attained throughout the event.